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3 Reasons You Need the Jiffy Steamer Iron For Every Day Use

The beauty of a clothes steamer is that even after wearing your clothes you can steam them to remove any wrinkles that have occurred during the day. This isn’t as easy with a clothes iron because the hot pressure from the metal plate.

For the home, we offer both the classic Jiffy Steamer J-2 and ESTEAM Handheld Travel Steamer to help you remove wrinkles up to five times faster than conventional ironing. Most find these units indispensable around the household.

1. Performance

The Jiffy Steamer J-2  provides easy filling using a one-gallon, shatter-proof water bottle with no-drip check valve.

  • over 2 hours of steam time per filling
  • durable cast aluminium housing
  • 1300-watt heading element die cast in solid brass
  • casters for mobility
  • available in the standard plastic head hose attachment or the metal head and wood handle hose attachment.

The power provided by its 1300 watt heating element enables the J-2 to heat in around 90 seconds to two minutes and provide steam for two hours on a single fill of its gallon tank. This will make quick work of most of your garment steaming needs and make it great for steam cleaning rugs, carpeting and drapery, which can add to your savings for this investment. Considering that many lower-end commercial steamers do not even offer a gallon tank, this is impressive and great for consistent or steady usage.

2. Functionality

It’s a pleasure to note that the telescoping stand is actually made of heavy metal (not the flimsy light aluminium kind you get with some cheap unbranded garment steamers). It’s rock-solid and you won’t have to worry about the stand suddenly collapsing or tipping over unexpectedly.

  • At 1300 watts of steaming power, it just blasts those wrinkles away from fabrics of varying types.
  • Easy refilling. Just detach the plastic water jug, fill it, and put it back in.
  • Fast heat up—about 2 minutes, as promised. No hyperbole from this company.
  • The 1-gallon water tank (I’d call it a water jug) gives you a lot of steam time (approximately 2 hours).
  • Steady (and powerful) steam output—no sputtering.
  • No spewing of hot water. It does drip a bit of water occasionally as a result of condensation in the head, which is unavoidable.

3. Overall Design

The J-2 has a die cast aluminium body, giving it a durability that one would normally only see in industrial or professional units. This model is built to last but some users complained that the weight of this unit was a little much for their regular needs. Being on solid casters that allow it a full range of motion, even on carpet, offset this issue in most cases.

The water jug is detachable, while the stand is made of telescoping tubes that you can adjust to your height. I don’t consider that useful, I consider it essential – and it’s astonishing how many steamers don’t have that feature.

The hose is 5 feet 6 inches long, plus the steam head which is another 6 inches long. This gives you 6 feet of hose and steam head length combined—long enough for all.

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