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How to Steam Clothes

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Steam is the gentlest, safest and most efficient method to remove wrinkles. Not only is steaming five times faster than ironing, it is guaranteed not to scorch even the most delicate materials and fabrics.

When steaming, touch the material lightly with the steam head and wrinkles will instantly vanish. The combination of the steam and the steam head is important for a smooth finish. Some articles can be steamed better from the underside. This allows the steam to relax the fibres of the material, thus removing the wrinkles. Always steam with the hose in the upright position so that collected condensation can flow back into the steamer. If steaming in a low position near the floor, frequently straighten the hose up and out to keep it clear of condensation.

The following videos demonstrate how to steam clothes with a Jiffy Steamer, including shirts, dresses, blouses, ties, dress pants and suit jackets.

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