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The following are commonly asked questions about Jiffy Steamer products. For questions not covered here, please contact us.


How hot is the steam being emitted from my Jiffy Steamer?

The steam temperature exiting our steamers is 212° F / 100° C on our J-Series.

Will a Jiffy Steamer assist in sanitising clothing, bedding and upholstered furniture?

Steam is hot and, when applied correctly, very powerful and effective when sanitising garments, fabrics and surfaces.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu viruses are killed by heat above 167° F / 75° C. Steam, which is produced at 212° F / 100° C, is known to kill the flu virus and has long been an alternative to cleaning textiles with detergent and water.

What is the difference between the J-2 and J-2000?

The J-2 and J-2000 both have the same internal parts so they will steam and perform the same. They both provide a continuous flow of steam. They are different only in the outward design and styling.

The J-2 is the older style, with a 3.8 litre water bottle that sits up on back of the steamer. This tall 3.8 litre bottle will provide steam for about 2 hrs.  Due to the size and tallness of this water bottle, there may be some sink faucets that it will not fit under, in which case it could be filled in a bath tub. The J-2 housing is a die cast metal.

The J-2000 is the newer style steamer in the residential line.  This steamer has a 2.8 litre water caddy that fits down into the unit and fits more flush with the unit. This 2.8 litre caddy will provide steam for about 1 ½ hours.  The size and shape of this water caddy makes it easier to fill up under most any sink faucet. The J-2000 housing is an engineered polymer plastic.

What do the letters signify after the model number?

The letter signifies the type of steam head on the end of the hose/steamer. Depending on your application, you can choose the steam head that is correct for your needs.

A = Automotive Head (6″ wide metal head and 9″ straight pipe head) for auto upholstery, tint removal, and installing or removing headliners.

B = Brush Head for cleaning hard surfaces such as tile and grout.

C = Carpet Head (12″ wide metal head) for helping in carpet installing, wallpaper removal or for steaming your mattress.

D = Drapery Hose (7.5′) with 6″ plastic head for use on tall drapes and photography backdrops. (Not for use on garments.)

DM = Drapery Hose (7.5′) with 6″ metal head for use on mattresses, pillows and cushions for dust mite and bed bug removal. Also for use on tall drapes and photography backdrops. (Not for use on garments.)

H = Hat Nozzle for shaping and blocking hats.

i = Interchangeable Heads (6″ wide metal head, 12″ wide carpet head, 9″ curved pipe head and brush head) for many applications.

M = 6″ Wide Metal Head for garments.

SBR = SteamBreaker for leather footwear shaping.

W = Wig Head (9″ curved pipe head) for wig and hairpiece shaping.

What are the advantages of using a Jiffy Steamer?

A Jiffy Steamer can be used for a variety of tasks, ranging from fine garment care to industrial use.  Jiffy Steamer is up to five times faster than ironing without the hassle of a temperature setting.  It can be used safely and effectively on both natural and synthetic materials.  The many Jiffy Steamer accessories allow you to tackle a variety of tasks with the power of steam including steaming hats, carpets, automobiles, upholstery and more.

How do I use a steamer?

When steaming, touch the material lightly with the steam head and wrinkles will instantly vanish. The combination of the steam and the steam head is important for a smooth finish.

Do not directly touch velvet or silk with the steam head. Some articles can be steamed better from the underside. This allows the steam to relax the fibers of the material, thus removing the wrinkles.

Visit our How-To section for helpful videos.

How do I use the Esteam Travel Steamer?

When steaming one’s garments, the Esteam Travel Steamer should be used in an upright position. It should not be used horizontally or flat like an iron. When steaming, touch the material lightly with the steam head and wrinkles will instantly vanish.

Do Jiffy Steamers remove stains from clothing or carpeting?

No. There is no stain removing aspect of the Jiffy Steamer for textiles. The “B” steam brush attachment will remove stains from hard surfaces, such as grout lines in tiled areas of the kitchen or bathroom.

What types of applications can I use my Jiffy Steamer for?

Learn about the many uses for steam.

Do I touch my garment with the steam head?

When steaming, touch the material lightly with the steam head and wrinkles will instantly vanish. The combination of the steam and the steam head is important for a smooth finish.

How do I ensure optimal performance from my Jiffy Steamer?

Clean and rinse your steamer regularly:
All steamers need to be cleaned and rinsed on occasion to flush the mineral deposits.

Never use additives:
Additives such as salt, perfumes, and dyes should never be added to your steamer water. These substances will corrode or plug internal parts

Never overfill your steamer:
If you have purchased our J-3, J-4 or J-4000 steamers, never add more than one gallon of water to the reservoir.

Never allow your steamer to run dry:
Running a steamer dry will cause internal damage to the heating element and wiring.

Never pour cold water into a hot steamer:
If by mistake your steamer has run dry of water, allow the unit to cool 10 minutes before adding water. Cold water on top of a hot heating element can cause damage to the element.

Steam in a vertical, upright position:
Do not use your steamer in a horizontal position like an iron. Steam in a vertical up and down motion. This will allow the condensation in the hose to flow back into the steamer.

Secure your hose nut tightly:
If your steamer has a hose attachment, make sure the brass nut is fastened tight to the base of the steamer. A loose nut will allow water to run down the front of your unit.

Never use an extension cord:
Extension cords should not be used on this product.

Do not pull steamer by the power cord:
Pulling the steamer by the power cord may damage the internal wiring.

Never use your foot to turn steamer on/off:
Damage may occur to the switch should you turn the unit off using excess pressure with your foot.

Storing the steamer:
Before storing the steamer for an extended period (30 days or more), empty all water from the unit. Water becomes stale with time and may plug internal parts.

Read our cleaning instructions section for additional maintenance information about each model.

How do I clean my Jiffy Steamer?

Read our cleaning instructions section for cleaning information about each model.

Do I have to use distilled water?

No, plain tap water may be used in the Jiffy Steamer.

Can I put any additives, such as salt or scented water, in my Jiffy Steamer?

No. Additives such as salt, perfumes and dyes should never be added to your steamer water. These substances will corrode or plug internal parts.

How often should I change the water?

Always keep fresh water in the reservoir. Water becomes stale after about one week and should be replaced with fresh water. Steaming with stale water can cause a foaming action. If this occurs, you should rinse your water tank thoroughly and refill with fresh water.

What if my Jiffy Steamer runs dry during use?

If you find your steamer has run dry during use, immediately turn off the unit. Allow 10 minutes for your steamer to cool before adding more water.

My Jiffy Steamer is spitting water from the hose. What is causing this?

Visit our Troubleshooting section for possible causes of and solutions to this problem.

My Jiffy Steamer doesn’t seem to be working properly. What should I do?

Visit our Troubleshooting section for commonly reported issues, or contact Jiffy Steamer at +27 (11) 809 4000 to consult with a trained technician. Live customer support is available from 9:00to 16:00. Monday through Friday.

How much is shipping?

Once you put the items in your cart, enter your address and the system will generate the shipping cost for you.  Free shipping on all orders above R750 within Southern Africa. All orders below R750 will incur an R80 shipping fee within Southern Africa.

How can I track my product order or my parts order?

We will email you a tracking number that you can use to track your purchase.

How do I order replacement parts?

Order your replacement parts from us online or call Jiffy Steamer at +27 (11) 809 4000 to order your parts. Be sure to have your model and serial number available.

I ordered a replacement part or accessory from Jiffy Steamer. When can I expect it?

Orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt. Please allow 2 to 4 working days for delivery to all major cities. Delays may be experience where deliveries are made to outlying areas.

What is covered in my standard warranty, and how do I know my product is covered?

Read about Jiffy Steamer’s industry-leading 3-Year Limited Product Warranty.

May I return my product for exchange or refund?

Yes. Read Jiffy Steamer’s Return Policy for more information.

Where can I locate my model number and/or serial number?

Check the side or rear of your Jiffy Steamer for an identification plate containing a model number and serial number.

May I send my product directly to Jiffy Steamer for repair?

Yes. Please enclose a note with your contact information (name, address, phone and email) along with a description of the problem with the unit.

Please send your steamer to the following address:
African Sales Company building,
225 2nd Street,
Corner 16th Road,
Halfway House, Midrand,
South Africa, 1685.

I’ve returned my steamer to Jiffy Steamer for repair. How do I know you have received it and when should I expect it back?

Before shipping your steamer, please note the model and serial number of the unit for your records. When shipping by courier, please also note your tracking number and the courier company name that you used. You can use this number to track your package and verify expected delivery date.

Once we have received your steamer, you will receive a repair estimate via fax or email. If no fax or email is provided, your estimate will be mailed to you. You must return your approval and payment information. With authorised payment, your steamer will be repaired and shipped to you within 24 hours.

How do I contact Jiffy Steamer?

Contact us online anytime with questions, comments or suggestions. You can also call us at +27 (11) 809 4000 or fax +27 (11) 809 4005.


African Sales Company building,
225 2nd Street,
Corner 16th Road,
Halfway House, Midrand,
South Africa, 1685.

Monday – Friday: 09h00 – 16h00

Where are Jiffy Steamers made?

We proudly design and manufacture our products in Union City, Tennessee, United States of America for use around the globe. Every Jiffy Steamer undergoes multiple testing procedures for worldwide safety and quality standards. Our steamers currently hold certifications with UL, cUL, CSA, NOM, CE and TUV/GS.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been American-made since 1940. Learn more about our company.

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